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Disagree with one poine: 99.99% men do NOT know what they want in life, not just about women, also about career, family, lifestyle, etc. They just went through life in this clueless stupor forever.

To be honest, I have never ever been rejected by a man who tells me I am not his type (I am 29 and dated a fair amount). I would love that. All the men told me they did not know what they wanted and just could not decide / commit to any woman, career, hobby, etc. They were just not ready and you know what, they would never be ready.

I just refuse to waste my time on those guys. They are tremendous burden because their confusion dragged me down!

I am a smart, attractive, energetic, motivated and positive woman. If a guy somehow does not know or cannot value those traits, I just do not waste my time on him.

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You know, I don't appreciate people who play the chasing game. I think it's self-degrading to go after someone who has abandoned you. That only hinders your growth as an individual, since you keep on coming back to the same person who hurt you. You're right; love comes naturally. If you're compatible with one another, it will show. You don't have to put your best foot forward in order to be appreciated by someone else. Btw, that was one empowering last paragraph, Jocelyn! I hope you continue inspiring the people around you.


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